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Here at Viva Aesthetics the Skin Care company we trust with our skin is Dermalogica! 


We love dermalogica because they focus on science to create quality products that give you the results you are looking for. They also use no fragrances which is wonderful because due to copyright laws, companies do not need to include fragrance ingredients. Fragrances are full of carcinogenics and other terrible ingredients that are negative to your overall health. So by not having them, you are ensuring that your skincare regime is free of any nasty chemicals.

The prices and products available are subject to change. Please call or email to get an updated price on products or to check availability


We use LOVEFRESH for all off our washes, lotions, hand and foot scrubs, soaps and deodorants!


LOVEFRESH gives you superior softness. You will be blown away after just one use after using their products. Another amazing feature of the LOVEFRESH company is its all-natural, cruelty free & made in Canada.































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GEHWOL has always offered exceptional foot care. Gehwol has been producing footcare products for over 150 years. All that experience has given us revolutionary footcare products.

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