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Skin Care Mistakes you Could be Making!

Keeping your skin clean has become more important than ever in the last 10 years. Air pollution has doubled in the last 8 years with very little signs of stopping. Cleaning up our atmosphere will take time so we need to take extra care of our skin in this time when our skin is facing more hazards than ever before.

Our skin is our major protector it keeps toxins, bacteria, and viruses out. By looking after it we can make sure it has the health it needs to keep us safe.

Only Cleansing once in the morning and once in the evening

If you are one of the millions of women and men who have only been cleansing your face once in the morning then once at night, you are not alone. As a result, you may not be getting all of the pollutants, makeup, residue, and chemicals off your skin. We all know that the build-up can wreak havoc on your skin. It will cause acne, blackheads, wrinkles, inflammation, puffiness, and free radical damage. Use a pre-cleanse oil or balm, as oil binds to oils it is a great way to start your skincare to remove all the makeup, oils, and congestion from your face and neck. Then wash with a cleanser that matches your skin type to remove the rest of those stubborn impurities.

Not cleaning your phone

We are on our phones a lot. Constantly touching it, touching it on our face, touching food then touching the phone, the dog licks our hand then we touch our phone. All this interaction causes a huge build-up of oils, makeup, and bacteria on our phones. So as we hold our phone to our face or touch our phone then touch our face it transfers this to our skin. It’s very important to clean your phone with a safe antibacterial, there are lots of products out there, definitely make sure you pick one up.

Buying non-professional products

Drug store brands will have a minimal concentration of ingredients that are effective for your skin complaints, they're diluted down and include fillers to bulk up the product. Because some consumers self-diagnose, drug store brands have to use less active ingredients for consumer safety as some ingredients can cause damage if used inaccurately. It's best to have professional recommendations for the proper ingredients.

Not exfoliating regularly or too much

Another key tip is to use exfoliants that are not too harsh for the skin. Exfoliation is key to brighter, more even skin and is optimal for product absorption. However, overuse of exfoliation can cause damage to your skin and cause wrinkles, especially around the eyes due to the thinner skin. Also, another key thing is to skip is microbeads, not only are they too harsh for your skin they are also terrible for the environment. And let's not even go there with apricot pip scrubs!!!! They create micro-tears in your skin. It's best to find one with both chemical and physical exfoliants. Some like the daily microfoliant are gentle enough to be used every day whereas others should be used 3 times a week.

Forgetting to cleanse your neck and hairline

It is very important to clean these areas just as much as your face as these areas build up in oil and makeup and will lead to acne.

Not cleaning your pillowcase often enough

Not cleaning your pillowcase often enough. Here is a big one that many people do not do enough! Leading experts believe that you should flip your pillowcase after 2 days and then wash your pillowcase 2 days after that. Pillowcases are the perfect environment to hold bacteria, dead skin cells, oils, and makeup that didn’t quite wash off. So even if you’re washing your face at night your still not keeping your skin clean because of your dirty pillowcase.

Forgetting to remove your stubborn mascara

Mascara is an amazing product, but it’s not easy to remove. Make sure that you spend time with an eye makeup remover (we love precleanse oil) to get all of the mascara and eye makeup off your lashes. Leaving mascara on can cause bacteria and oils to build on your lashes which weakens your lash. This can cause them to fall out which we definitely do not want!

Not washing your makeup brushes

Forgetting to wash your makeup brushes. Just like your pillowcases, makeup brushes hold so much bacteria, oils, skin cells, and of course makeup. Makeup artists advise washing your makeup brushes and sponges once a week. You don’t want anything too harsh as it will cause the hairs to fall out.

Sunscreen is only for days at the beach or park

The sun’s UVA and UVB rays bounce off surfaces and hit our skin. Things like painted surfaces, metal, concrete, sand, water, snow, and fiberglass all have high reflection rates. So even walking down the street you’re getting a big dose of UVA and UVB rays. UVB is a more concentrated wave that is worse for you than UVA. So make sure you are adding sunscreen into your daily routine so you don’t suffer premature aging.

Believing facials are just for relaxing

Facials are incredibly beneficial for your skin! Here at Viva all of our facials are designed with skin complaints in mind. And each one no matter if you're here for 30 minutes or 90 minutes you will receive a skin treatment that will make improvements to your skin. Our wide range also includes major result treatments such as the microneedling or endymed skin tightening treatments; to our Proskin 60 which uses our concentrated serums. For a full list of facials check out our 'You would like a Viva Aesthetics facial but which do you choose!!' Blog

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