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Babes lets talk INJECTABLES!

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

If you follow our social media you will be aware that we are now offering AMAZING new services! We added a Registered Nurse Ashlynn to the VIVA team!! She specializes in several kinds of injectables. So this has brought a variety of the most popular services to your favourite spa!

I will be discussing each of these services, how they work, what they treat and show you some photos. Ashlynn offers free consultations so feel free to book a consult and she would be happy to explain each of these services.

We will discuss:

  • Botox

  • Dysport

  • Dermal Filler

  • Vitamin B12 Injections

  • Lipotropic Plus Injection

  • Lipolysis Mesotherapy (Belkyra)

  • IV Drips

Lets start with the favourite BOTOX!!

What is Botox?

Botox is a protein that blocks the chemical signals to the muscles. What this does is it keeps the muscle in a relaxed state. When the muscles are relaxed the wrinkles created in everyday movements do not show. Keeping the area smooth and youthful looking.

Cosmetically, Botox is a great option for:

Severe forehead lines,

Crow’s feet lines,

Frown lines between the eyebrows

Gummy Smile Correction

Botox as we all know is great as a cosmetic treatment but it is also a wonderful treatment for ailments also.

Because Botox stops muscles from contracting it has been used for decades to treat:

Reoccurring headaches

Studies have found that using Botox to treat chronic headaches and migraines cuts the number days a month suffering by half! If you are enduring headaches and migraines more than 15 days a month Botox may be a wonderful option for you. However certain types of headaches are unaffected such as cluster headaches. Which are headaches behind the eyes.

Temporomandibular Disorder also known as TMJ

TMJ is an umbrella term for issues within the muscles and joints around the mandible (lower jaw). For some people the muscles are in a chronically taught which can cause a range of side effects from headache, facial pain, dizziness, teeth wear, and finger numbness. You can easily see why Botox is an excellent treatment option.

Jaw Clenching

Teeth Grinding

Jaw Clenching and teeth Grinding are both under the umbrella of TMJ and so can be treated with Botox.

ALERT: It is imperative you go to the doctor if you are suffering with TMJ. TMJ can be a symptoms of other problems such as fibromyalgia and other muscle problems.

Excessive Sweating

Mostly everyone sweats (in some Asian countries, their people have evolved not to sweat or incredibly little to the point its hard to find deodorants in grocery stores) but on the whole we all sweat. Some people however suffer with their bodies producing an excess of sweat this is known as Hyperhidrosis.

So Botox can be used to limit the amount of signals going to the sweat glands. Thus reducing hyperhidrosis to a normal level.


What is Dysport?

Dysport is an injectable medication similar to Botox to relax the forehead muscles. Which reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improving skin texture, tightening and smoothing the skin.

Dermal Fillers!

Another super popular treatment in today's society.

Dermal Fillers are most well known for lip pumps, but they can be used for a wide variety of cosmetic treatments. Dermal fillers are Hyaluronic based molecules that are injected into hollowed areas such as wrinkles, laugh lines, acne scars, and under the eyes and can even be injected into the top of the hand to bring them back to their youth.

Ashlynn's Client Before and After Filler

Ashlynn's Client Before and After Filler

Vitamin B12 Injections

Vitamin B12 plays a vital role in brain function and the production of DNA and red blood cells. Low levels of vitamin B12 have also been linked to a decline in brain function causing Dementia.

Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin) is also called the “energy vitamin”. Vitamin B12 plays a vital role in metabolism. Your metabolism controls your weight, appetite and energy levels. So it is often paired with people trying to lose weight. As it increases energy levels, speeds up your metabolism, increases digestive absorption.

Vitamin B12, as much as it is called the energy vitamin, is also known as the anti-stress vitamin. It repairs your immune system and nervous system and keeps other potential health concerns such as a malfunctioning thyroid in check.

Lipotropic Plus Injection!

If you are struggling to lose weight this is a perfect option for you. Lipotropic Plus Injections are a mix of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other natural substances (lipotropes) that help regulate how your body metabolizes fat and protein.

Lipotropic Plus Injections are designed to assist with a wide variety of problems when people attempt to lose weight.

They will:

  1. Increase your Energy,

  2. Speed up your Metabolism,

  3. Improve Liver Detoxification,

  4. Break Down and Release Stored Fat,

  5. Improve Mood and Mental Clarity

  6. Improve Liver and Gallbladder Function

  7. Aid in the Preservation of Lean Body Tissue (muscle)

  8. Enhance the Absorption of Essential Nutrients

  9. Improved Heart Health

  10. Lipotropics can help aid as a appetite suppressant

  11. Longer and healthier nails, shinier hair, and improved visual appearance, all occur with Lipotropic injections.

Belkyra / Lipolysis Mesotherapy Injections

Belkyra introduces fat “melting” medications directly into your areas of concern. Injections oxidize fat, shrink cells, weaken connective tissue and increase cell production. This makes it a wonderful choice as a treatment for double chins. Belkyra opens the cell membrane of the fat cell which destroys it. As the cells break down, the body gradually eliminates them through its normal metabolic process. Once destroyed, these fat cells are gone for good.

Belkyra before and after several Treatments


IV Drip treatments are known to provide the body with the essential vitamins and minerals it requires by injecting the solution directly into the bloodstream. This facilitates a very high absorption rate and, because it is fast-acting, delivers efficient results immediately after finishing the treatment.


This IV drip was developed to supply the necessary vitamins, minerals and amino acids for improved immune function, which enhances the body’s ability to protect itself -including fighting infections, healing efficiently, repairing cells, and recovering faster.

The Key Vitamins in the Immunity IV Drip are:

Vitamins A and D along with high levels of vitamin B and C.


This IV drip was created to provide a youthful glow to the skin, enhance its elasticity and target fine lines and wrinkles. It is the perfect pick-me-up when the skin looks dull and in need of a refresh, allowing it to regain its brightness from within.

IV Radiance offers a powerful combination of amino acids that also have antioxidant properties.


This IV drip was developed to provide the necessary vitamins and minerals for adequate energy levels.

The key components in this solution are dextrose combined with B vitamins and magnesium, all of which are crucial in the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the cellular energy source.


IV Boost also offers an overall wellness enhancement, by helping with something as common as dehydration and mineral deficiencies in the body, which can lead to the malfunction of many of its processes.

This IV drip was created for hydration, vitamin and mineral replenishment. The key components include vitamins A, B, C, D, E and potassium.


Vitamin C is known for its role in strengthening the immune system. There are also many other benefits of this vitamin that help preserve the skin's collagen levels, which can contribute to faster healing of scars and wounds while promoting more collagen production.


Meet the Registered Nurse Ashlynn

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