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Quarantine Skin - The Struggle of 2020

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

What is Quarantine Skin?

If you have been experiencing breakouts, dryness, redness, and puffy skin you are not alone. Hosts of women and men have been experiencing an array of symptoms thanks to the side effects of this pandemic.

What is Quarantine Skin it caused by?

The worldwide population has been under tight restrictions and these have caused our skin to lose its glow and lose the health it once had. But why is that?


Your skin gives off very clear signals that you're stressed. The main hormone released when you're stressed is cortisol. A regular small amount of cortisol is great for you, but when these levels increase it causes chaos in your body.

These include an

  • increase in oil production,

  • inflammation,

  • lowers your immunity,

  • decreases cell turnover rates.

  • anxiety,

  • depression,

  • sleeping problems,

  • heart problems,

  • weight gain.

Lack of Vitamin D

Our skin needs a regular dose of vitamin D to keep it in optimum health. Vitamin D is very important for:

  • Skin cell growth

  • Skin repair.

  • Helping your metabolism keep up.

  • Keeping your bones strong and healthy.

  • Keeps your immune system working efficiently.

Irregular Sleep

When your sleeping is when the body produces most of its collagen. Which we know is vitally important for skin elasticity, brightness, and repairing itself.

Not enough sleep has been linked to:

  • Depression

  • Weak immune system

  • Inflammatory bowel diseases

  • Heart Disease

  • Inability to regulate calories

  • The body needs more calories when you get less sleep

  • A decrease in Mental Functioning

Dry Indoor Air

Dry air is very harsh on the skin, especially if you also have the AC on. When the skin dries out it sucks out moisture from your skin, and also breaks down the protective barrier on your skin. Which leads to even more drying and damage. Your skin is then more susceptible to damage from pollutants and the sun.

Binge Eating/Unhealthy Diet

It is no surprise that eating large amounts or eating unhealthy is bad for us. The high fat and sugar food lead to a heightened oil production which leads to breakouts. With the change in diet also leads to an imbalance in your digestion which leads to:

  • Weight gain

  • Build-up of toxins

  • Inflammation

  • Dehydration

  • Hair can become brittle and fall out

  • High blood pressure

How Can we get our skin back to Healthy and Happy?

A great way to combat stress is to try various methods to lower your cortisol levels. Meditation, yoga, home workouts, & reading are all really wonderful ways to lower your cortisol levels. A great thing to try is a facial roller. These are wonderful at moving the lymphatic fluid that has pooled in various areas of the face. It is even better if you put it in the fridge beforehand. This will make you feel so rejuvenated and refreshed and it is great in the morning just after you have woken up.

There are various methods of obtaining enough Vitamin D for optimum health. You can take it orally through a tablet or powder form, or you can add certain foods to your diet.

SLEEP! Get back to your regular sleeping schedule. Everyone functions at different levels of sleep. Some of us need 8h others work better on less. However, experts agree 5-8 hours is an optimum time for your brain to recharge. During sleep is when our body does most of its healing. Whether it is collagen production or strengthening your immunity.

To combat dry skin due to AC we recommend using a great moisturiser, staying hydrated, taking breaks from the AC, and not irritating your skin with anything too harsh.

It comes to no surprise that binge eating is not healthy for you. Diets are all over the place on how many meals a day one should eat, and what kind of foods to consume. No one can seem to agree. We believe in balance here at Viva Aesthetics. We love to indulge occasionally but we know the importance of eating our veggies and getting enough vitamins and minerals to ensure our skin and our bodies are working at optimum health. If you are unsure of what is best for your body we do advise that you book an appointment with a nutritionist so they can directly advise you on what is best for you.

Now we know the potentially dangerous and at the least unhealthy effects of being in quarantine.

It's time to head out there and there and give our skin all the love it deserves.

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