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NEW PRODUCT-Retinol Clearing Oil

A brand new exciting product is the retinol clearing oil.

Who is Retinol Clearing Oil For?

This night oil is formulated to be a wonderful addition to your skincare regime if you experience signs of premature aging, or suffer from hormonal breakouts.

What Makes the Retinol Clearing Oil so Innovative?

Time-Released retinol

  • Time-released retinol -is retinol that is microencapsulated which is so much better for your skin for several reasons. This protects the retinol and it is also slowly released over 6 hours instead of all at once. Due to slowly being released it is less irritating on your skin. To read more about retinol molecules and there benefits, check out our retinol blog.

  • Increase the production of collagen

Salicylic Acid

  • Increases cell turnover rate (the rate at which your cells replace themselves)

  • lowers oil production

  • Anti-inflammatory that calms your pimples and lessens the redness.

  • Reduces pimple breakouts

Argan, Rosehip Seed, and Golden Jojoba oils:

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Gentle moisturisers - great for all skin types.

How should to Use the Retinol Clearing Oil?

Because this is a retinol product we highly advise you to use at night to protect the retinol so its full potency is absorbed into the skin and by applying at night it also protects your skin. If you are using any retinol product it is very important to use sunscreen as it makes your skin more sensitive to sun damage. We suggest using between 6-10 drops and massage it into your face and neck.

What are other great products you can use with the Retinol Clearing Oil?

Other great products that are recommended to use alongside the Retinol Clearing Oil are.

Clearing Skin Wash

It is a great cleanser to use after you have removed your makeup to remove oils and be a gentle exfoliator. It is also antibacterial so it makes an amazing wash to help with back acne.

Invisible Defence SPF 30 Sunscreen

  • Works amazingly on all skin types.

  • Invisible and blends into the skin. Soothes skin and reduces UV induced redness and dryness.

  • Effective on UVA, UVB, and blue light rays.

  • Helps fight free-radical damage. To learn more about free radicals and their destructive behavior check out our blog on Vitamin C Blog

Call to book your appointment to purchase any

of these rejuvenating products at

(905) 628-8804 or email

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