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Brand NEW product: The Melting Moisture Masque!

After trying this product for a couple of weeks our staff instantly fell in love with this product. This is dermalogica’s newest face masque.

What is wonderful about this new product is, it’s a leave-on face masque. As you can probably already tell by the name it is a moisturising face masque but let's talk about the incredible ingredients in this power-house product that accomplish this.

Melting Point Complex: One of dermalogica’s revolutionary ingredients. This is a company secret that they are just releasing. The melting point complex repairs the lipids in your skin barrier. This strengthens your skin barrier to make sure it is locked up tight to keep moisture in and keep your skin glowing for longer.

Microalgae: It is incredible how amazing microalgae is for our skin, and there is a type of algae to help with every skin concern that we face. Microalgae have been used in skincare since the ’60s, and today you will find lots of products with these ingenious little microorganisms in them. In this product's case, the algae inside are extremely moisturising. This ingredient softens your skin and gives it that glow.

Linoleic Acid: Linoleic Acid is a naturally occuring fatty acid that plants produce. The wonderful benefits of Linoleic Acid is it strengthens and protects your skin’s barrier. This helps lock moisture inside your cells and protects your cells from damage from the sun, drying and pollution.

Vitamin E: We know how important it is for us to take our vitamins. I know I get told almost daily to take my vitamins. But Vitamin E for the skin has multiple benefits. Vitamin E’s are antioxidants and if you have been reading our previous blogs you know how much we need antioxidants in our diet and our skincare to keep at bay a whole host of health problems from skin damage to stroke. If you have missed our blogs antioxidants remove free radical molecules from our cells as free radical molecules damage your cells. Another fantastic benefit of Vitamin E is a natural anti-inflammatory and so this heals and calms any micro-damage your skin has. Vitamin E is also extremely moisturising and will also help protect your skin's natural barrier from pollution.

Customers have incredible things to say about this

innovative nourishing masque.

As this is a leave-on masque you can put it on at the end of your daily or nightly skincare routine and relax knowing it's doing it's working its magic all through the night or day.

Who is this Melting Moisture Masque for?

Due to the oily nature of this masque and its leave on properties, it is not suggested for those with oily or combination skin. Those with dry skin will benefit the most from this moisturising masque. Those with combination or oily skin will love the Skin Hydrating Masque if you are looking for some hydration and protection.

How often should I use the Melting Moisture Masque?

The melting moisture masque is perfect to use twice a week or once a week depending on your skincare needs. It is gentle enough to use as you need it. And as it's left on you can use it as part of your morning or nighttime skincare routine.

How much should I use of the Melting Moisture Masque?

As this product is packed full of potent ingredients you only need a pea-sized amount to do your whole face.

What products go well with the Melting Moisture Masque?

Other incredible products that pair beautifully with the Melting Moisture Masque are:

  • Intensive Moisture Cleanser

  • Daily Microfoliant - exfoliant

  • Intensive Moisture Balance - moisturiser

You can pick up all your products right here at Viva Aesthetics. Call or email us to have us set them aside for you or come pay us a visit and we will be happy to offer you any help you get the skin you will love!

Call: (905) 628-8804 Email:

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