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Blackheads - How do I get rid of blackheads!

Blackheads are the most common form of acne. We all suffer from them at some period in our lives however the severity varies from person to person. Those of us who have oily skin can suffer from them more then people with other skin types as our over-productive oil glands fill our pores with excess oil.

Whiteheads are clogged pores that have a closed opening. Blackheads occur when sebum and dead skin cells block the skin’s pores. When the clogged substances come to the surface, they react to oxygen and turn black.

What not to do with blackheads

Your skin is very delicate! Squeezing, pinching, scratching, your skin causes trauma and scaring to your skin. To get rid of your blackheads without causing damage you need to have patience and use products to cleanse your skin to remove them in a non-obtrusive way.

How to remove blackheads?

To begin your blackhead removing journey. The first step is one of the most important.


You need to make absolutely certain that your skin starts with a clean base. Get rid of all the makeup, sweat, oils, pollutants, dirt, in your two-stage double cleanse. Your first cleanse should be with an oil-based cleanser. Oil attracts oil so it is going to remove all your oil-based makeup and excess oil off your face and neck.

Your second cleanser should be a water-based cleanser this will remove all the sweat, dirt, and old skin cells.

2. Exfoliate Regularly

Exfoliating is such a great process. It can be done chemically or with facial scrubs. At Viva Aesthetics we suggest a mixture of both, or purchasing a product that has both in 1 product! Exfoliants remove excess sebum (oil), dirt, and other impurities. They also refresh your skin by exfoliating the dead skin cells, to leave you with fresh clean skin. By doing this twice a week, your clearing your pores and ensuring that there is no buildup.

If you get an exfoliant with AHA or BHA that will speed up your skin cell turnover rate

(the rate at which your cells replace themselves). Glycolic acid is the most common AHA, and Salicylic acid is the most used BHA. AHA’s affect the upper layers of your skin which are great for minimising pores, softening the appearance of scars, and for fine lines and wrinkles. BHA’s penetrate deeper into your dermis layers and so can penetrate your none surface acne, as well as killing acne-causing bacteria.

3. Skin Brush

Depending on your skin type, a skin brush could be something to look at. Skin brushes will give you exfoliation, however, they can be too harsh if you have sensitive skin. If you are going to pick up a skin brush make sure to use it with a gentle cream cleanser, to clean it regularly (as it’s going to have skin cells, oils, debris in its bristles).

4. Masks

Clay masks are fantastic at cleaning your pores. It is great to make time for masks twice a week to leave your skin fresh and clean. When the clay dries to the oily build-up and is washed off all that oil goes with it, leaving you with bright fresh skin. Peel-off masks can be another great mask to use periodically but should be brought with caution. You have probably seen those videos of the black masks that peel all the oil from your glands. If you are going to select a peel-off mask try to get one that isn’t too strong, you don’t want to cause more damage. If you have sensitive skin or suffer from rosacea we don’t suggest peel-off masks.

5. Topical Retinoids

Retinoids were first designed in the ’70s to fight acne. They are great at increasing cell turnover rate, and they also reduce the rate at which your pores can get clogged. So they are great if you have a stubborn blackhead or acne.

6. Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are a great way to get full exfoliation. They vary in power from light to deep penetration. How they work is a licensed professional prepares your skin. Then a mixture of products is combined which are chosen based on your skin’s needs. What will happen after, is your skin will peel, removing the old skin, and showing the refreshed rejuvenated skin. They can help with blackheads, acne, and scaring.

7. Please Please Please don’t sleep in your makeup

Sleeping in your makeup is so bad! It will rub the makeup deep into your pores causing clogs and breakouts. Built-up makeup also hinders your skin cells from being able to heal themselves and even worse it makes a lovely home for acne-causing bacteria!

During the cell turnover process, new skin cells push to the surface while your skin sheds old cells. Makeup traps these dead skin cells, leaving your complexion dull this makes your skin appear aged. Throughout the day, dirt and makeup become trapped from oxidative stress, causing your skin's barrier to break down. Sleeping with makeup prevents the skin from this much-needed renewal, resulting in healthy collagen breaking down. Light is unable to reflect off the skin, making your skin appear old and rough. As makeup interrupts cell turnover, fine lines and wrinkles can occur.

So please! Double cleanse before you go to bed to keep your skin looking youthful, refreshed, and flawless!

8. Facials!

Spoil yourself to a regular facial. The estheticians are able to use stronger products then you can purchase off the shelf to ensure that they are applied with training and knowledge. With this, it means they can extract your blackheads in a non-invasive, deep penetrative way.

As you have read we have discussed many great ways of getting rid of your blackheads. Many you can do at home with the help of products. I hope we have shown you that you have a lot more options than just

If you would like assistance getting rid of your blackheads our

facials are perfect to help with blackheads.

Give us a call or email us to book your appointment.

(905) 638 8804

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